Sailing to ‘s-Hertogenbosch!


Just before last years edition, hosted by KOers, we were asked by the Betonvereniging to host the event in 2019. The day before the event we decided tot take over the baton from KOers. Finally we could proudly announce next years edition will be held in ‘s-Hertogenbosh!

The next step was to form a committee that would like to run the organization of the event. Currently, the BetonKanoRace 2019 Organisation consists of team of 7 enthusiast students and 1 lector

We are all very excited to host the weekend and we are going to make sure that all contestants and visitors have a great weekend! The first steps are made: we are arranging a suitable location and we had prepared ourselves for the first official appearance of the BetonKanoRace 2019 Organization at the Betondag 2018 in Rotterdam, on November 15th.

We are looking forward seeing all of you at the BetonKanoRace 2019 the 24th – 26th of May!