Since the initiation of this website in 2016, we are storing valuable information of the races, such as photos, winners and jury reports. Furthermore, old articles written on BetonKanoRaces can be found here. Find them below!

2022: Utrecht Technische Vereniging


2020 & 2021: No events

The BKRs of 2020 and 2021 were unable to be held due to covid regulations.

2019: Avans University Of Applied Science


100 m Male:
1st Zeus (UT – Betonbrouwers)
2nd Kanurial (OTH Regensburg)
3rd –

100  m Female:
1st KanU beat us? (HTWK Leipzig)
2nd Kanuarial (OTH Regensburg)
3rd –

100 m Mix:
1st Zeus (UT – Betonbrouwers)
2nd KanU Quietscheentchen? (HTWK Leipzig)
3rd Sea Señora (TU/d – Ubase)

1st Yacht A (Windesheim)
2nd Czarna Perla (Politechnika Łódzka, SKN Zuraw)
3rd KanU Quietscheentchen? (HTWK Leipzig)

Heaviest canoe: 378 kg TU/d – U-BASE
Lightest canoe: 46 HTWK Leipzig
Best quality: TU/d – U-BASE
Durability: TU/e – Koers
Most aesthetic: HTWK Leipzig
Total EMVI: HTWK Leipzig
Most innovative: Utrechtse Technische Vereniging
Best HBO: Utrechtse Technische Vereniging
Best WO: HTWK Leipzig
Best businesses: Building Heroes
Breakdown price: Utrechtse Technische Vereniging

Jury report by Betonvereniging


2017: University Of Twente



2016: HAN University Of Applied Science




The BetonKanoRace saw its first edition in The Netherlands in 1977 in Delft. Some news articles have been digitalised and have been grouped here.

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Cement article on BKR in 1979

Voorpost small article on BKR in 1992

TU Delta article on BKR in 1995