The BetonKanoRace (BKR) is an annual event where students of building and civil engineering from different educational institutions come together to compete on an international level. This year’s edition will take place in Delft and is under the care of the BKRO committee from U-BASE Association TU Delft. It’s a unique race with self-crafted canoes where students show that concrete is more versatile than regular applications in foundations, floors and beams. The canoes have to comply with rules set in this year’s competition regulations. It’s a mix of crafting a light, strong and stable canoe in which time records can be set. It’s an event at which education, (new) technologies, camaraderie and sports come together. Quoting: “Combining sheer power with ingenious ideas”.

In a set of races, students compete in different categories for prizes and glory. It’s also a like-minded place in which students can get to know one another and share past experiences. This year’s edition is organized by U-BASE Association (United Building and Structural Engineering Association), who has 350 active members with as main focus linking students to the civil engineering industry.

 The BetonKanoRace 2023 will be held from 12 till 14 May in Delft!


The initiator of the BKR is the Betonvereniging; the knowledge network for anything regarding concrete construction. Since its founding in 1927, the Betonvereniging links municipalities, constructors, advisors, and knowledge institutes. A network with professionals on all possible levels, with the goal of passing on knowledge.

This year’s event will be organized by: United Building And Structural Engineering (U-BASE) Association