The BetonKanoRace (BKR) is a yearly canoe racing event in which teams from different universities contest.
Their goal is to design and construct competitive concrete canoes and
compete on several categories. Those categories, ranging from a sustainability award to a prize for the fastest team on a specific distance, lead to the right mixture of innovation and athleticism.

 Each year, the BKR is organized by a different study association. This year, the Utrechtse Technische
Vereniging will organize the 43nd edition.

 The BetonKanoRace 2022 will be held at 20 till the 22th of May at the Strijkviertelplas in Utrecht!


The initiator of the BKR is the Betonvereniging; the knowledge network for anything regarding concrete construction. Since its founding in 1927, the Betonvereniging links municipalities, constructors, advisors, and knowledge institutes. A network with professionals on all possible levels, with the goal of passing on knowledge.

This year the weekend will be organized by the Utrechtse Technische Vereniging.