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Eindhoven.. Again the place to be!

Seven years ago, Study association KOers organized the BetonKanoRace 2011 in Eindhoven. At the time, this was so well-received that KOers was asked by the Betonvereniging to host the event of 2018. Eventually, KOers decided to take over the baton from Enschede and is hosting next years’ BetonKanoRace in Eindhoven!

The next step was to form a committee that would like to run the organization of the event. Currently, the BetonKanoRace 2018 Organisation consists out of the following members: Thomas Dam, Derk Bos, Lars Hogenboom, Lia de Mooij, Hidde van Wezel, Gido Dielemans, and Lieneke van der Molen.

We are all very excited to host the weekend and we are going to make sure that all contestants and visitors have a great weekend! The first steps are made: we are arranging a suitable location and we have prepared ourselves for the first official appearance of the BetonKanoRace 2018 Organization at the Betondag 2017 in Rotterdam, on November 16th.

We are looking forward seeing all of you at the BetonKanoRace 2018!

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