The location!

It is time to officially announce our location! We will do this by answering the three riddles that were posted on our Facebook page.

The first one, the maximum deflection of Willems canoe is 51,38 mm.

The second one, the maximum tensile stress in Tims canoe is 5,33 MPa, whilst only 2,9 MPa was allowed. The clever canoe racers amongst you already recognized 51,38 and 5,33 as the coordinates of a certain location. There you have your answer already.

However since some might be too busy to convert these coordinates into the location, we gave a third hint. How could black be defeated as soon as possible? By placing your queen on E3.

We are glad to announce that this years BetonKanoRace is held at the E3 beach of Eersel!

We want to congratulate Kamil Drozdz for his never ending enthusiasm! Thank you! Contact Lars Hogenboom at the BetonKanoRace weekend for your price.

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